About Us

Welcome to Sydney Health & Wellness Centre, a multi-modality clinic adjacent to Martin Place.

Our highly qualified practitioners are committed to helping you attain your health & wellness goals: 

Audrey de Jager – Founder, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist

Audrey treats holistically with gentle Japanese acupuncture, herbal medicine and lifestyle advice. Audrey has performed thousands of individual treatments aimed at improving the signs and symptoms of a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions.

Simone Fruitier – Zen Shiatsu, Yoga, Remedial Massage

Simone is a holistic practitioner who utilises her exceptional physical therapy skills to help her clients achieve and maintain optimal health. After an individual assessment and treatment, Simone also gives expert lifestyle advice.

Diana Edwards – Reiki Practitioner

Diana uses the energy healing of reiki to assist with a wide variety of situations. These include stress, burn out, physical issues and health problems, depression and anxiety, and assisting those going through an emotionally challenging time.

Madeleine Memmolo – Nutritionist

Madeleine is a university qualified Nutritionist who is passionate about creating a stress-free approach to healthy eating and lifestyle. Madeleine has a no nonsense approach to nutrition and health without any of the excessive fads.

Annie Teng – Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Energy and Sound Therapy

Annie Teng offers non-invasive healing methods that provide an alternative way to heal the body, mind, and soul through sounds, vibration, and energy to restore healthy vitality and a happier life.

Gigi Cumbers – Naturopath

Gigi is a Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist who has a laid back yet goal oriented approach to collaborating with patients. She has a passion for hormonal issues, and is known for working with skin conditions such as acne, perioral dermatitis and eczema.