Madeleine Memmolo


BSc. Nutrition (University of Wollongong)

Madeleine Memmolo is a university qualified Nutritionist who is passionate about creating a stress-free approach to healthy eating and lifestyle. Madeleine has worked in the health industry providing her qualified knowledge and advice through many areas to help people cut through the noise of health in the media.

Madeleine specialises in a variety of health areas; however is truly passionate about helping:

  • Stress, fatigue and low energy

  • Poor food relationship/body image

  • Emotional eating/mood swings

  • Digestive issues

  • Low immunity

  • Adolescents health

  • Irregular/or problematic menstrual cycle

Always interested in what the newest health trend is, Madeleine, sticks to her no nonsense approach to nutrition and health without any of the excessive fads.

With plenty of offers and packaged on offer to help you get your body happy and healthy again, please call Madeleine on 0407491886 or email at