Simone Fruitier

Zen Shiatsu, Japanese Yoga, Remedial Massage

Simone started her natural therapies career in 2003 with studies in Naturopathy and Holistic Nutrition, with her initial interest igniting after becoming very well using these therapies after an illness she suffered in her teenage years.

Working internationally as a health chef on a private yacht for 5 years encouraged her to study even more deeply the energetics of food and its relationship with the body and mind. This led to a decision to undertake the life changing opportunity of studying Shiatsu Therapy.

Simone fell in love with the amazing healing modality of Shiatsu and it was a natural progression to further her capacity to help people with studies in Japanese yoga & Corrective Yoga Therapy.

It is Simone’s passion to work with the blend of Shiatsu, Whole Food Nutrition & Therapeutic yoga to assist clients to keep balance in the body and mind to manage the pressures of modern day living using these eastern principles.

Simone is dedicated to her own personal development and considers it vitally important in order to be a sensitive and conscious practitioner.

 Pain | Stress | Weight Management | Digestion