Acupuncture for Stress Sydney CBD

serenity picWe only get 4 weeks holiday a year, so during the other 48 weeks this year. Acupuncture may be able to help manage the symptoms of stress.

Your stress levels are raised by factors related to your environment including your work, relationships, home life and the situations, challenges and expectations you’re confronted with on a daily basis.

Your ability to deal with these stress factors is influenced by your health and fitness levels, emotional wellbeing, diet and the amount of sleep and rest you are getting.

A continually stressed state is detrimental to your physical and mental health and the effects of stress will deplete your vitality, weaken your immune system and as a consequence your body’s organs and systems need to work harder.

In Chinese Medicine, stress commonly causes your Liver to become overactive leading to emotional issues, headaches and muscular tension. Stress also commonly affects digestion and in Chinese Medicine this is attributed to your Spleen and Stomach, which when affected by stress cause your digestive system to become weak and congested. Stress also causes your Heart to over work resulting in sleep disorders, emotional issues and high blood pressure.

Tips for managing stress:

  • Everything in moderation: We have a tendency to overindulge. While at the time we can justify it to ourselves by saying: “I’ll exercise for an extra 20 minutes tomorrow” or “It’s a special occasion”, in reality we all know too much food and alcohol is not good for us and the effects can be long lasting. Reduce your alcohol intake and make sure you are getting adequate nutrition from everyday foods.

  • Enjoy adequate sleep: It’s important that your body is getting enough sleep. A few late nights and physically everything feels like it starts to function a bit slower and your mind clouds over – this is called ‘sleep debt’ and no you can’t make it up later!

  • Stay active: Many people stop exercising as they get busier with other commitments. This is understandable, however it is best to reduce the amount of exercise you do rather than stop it altogether. So stay active.

  • Incorporate acupuncture into your health routine and to enhance your health and wellbeing.