Yoga Therapy

Japanese Yoga Therapy

Japanese yoga therapy is a system combining traditional Hatha yoga poses with the principles of the Five Element theory and Zen Shiatsu which you can use in your daily life to create change in your body.

It is a type of specialised yoga that allows you to diagnose, correct and treat specific health issues.

Each one of us is unique, so a corrective yoga program will be tailor made to suit YOU and it is truly a recipe for radical change.

Don’t be afraid of the “Yoga” word. This is a very practical series of exercises that aim to bring to life to the underused parts of the body.

Especially good if you sit at a desk for 70 hours a week.

Some of the motivations for a corrective yoga program may include:

  • To deal with an ongoing physical or mental issue

eg pain in the body from a repetitive tension pattern, depression/anxiety, sleep issues, weight loss and digestive problems, just to name a few.

  • To take control of your own health.

  • To create flexibility, improve posture and build strength from the inside out.

  • To educate yourself with tools to strengthen your body and mind.

  • To improve & support your existing yoga or exercise program.

The one on one session

A diagnostic session will determine where the unused and stagnated parts of the body are.

Then a program will be designed for you that will combine specific exercises, poses, movements, relaxation and breathing techniques to target the issue.

Your daily commitment to your program will lead you to the point of eliminating the problem and/or changing the program to go deeper into your education of your patterns within your body and mind. This may take anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple months or longer.

The program will be taught to you thoroughly in the session and written out for you, so you can refer to it daily as you move towards a better normal in your body and mind.

Whole Food nutritional advice is given appropriately to support the changes in the body.

It’s an exciting prospect for most of us that we can be in control of our health.

Real health depends on you being curious about the parts of the body that are not being used optimally and then watch the body create its own balance not only physically but mentally & emotional.

The Group session

 Japanese yoga can be enjoyed in a small group with a focused intention.

( maximum 4 people)

Japanese yoga works with the seasons with a series of poses that correspond with our organ systems in which we strength, invigorate and balance in that season.

Group sessions can be run;

Early in the morning before work for the BEST start to the day. Great time to build a strong and healthy body as well as ignite natural weight loss.

Lunchtime refresher classes to reset your body and mind before an afternoon of productive work.

Evening classes are amazing to wind down and distress from the day before heading home so you can enjoy your evening and have a very peaceful sleep.

Book in a class and reap the benefits of Japanese yoga.

Times can be arranged to suit the group.