Zen Shiatsu

Zen shiatsu is a healing therapy that uses traditional oriental diagnosis & acupressure to balance energy pathways known as meridians in the body.

 Zen Shiatsu is a hands-on Japanese Zen Healing Art.

 Zen Shiatsu is the ultimate stress buster modality.

 Zen Shiatsu is more than a massage technique.

In theory and practice, it treats the patient as a whole and as an individual, encouraging deep relaxation within the treatment to allow the body’s natural mechanisms for healing to take place instead of just focusing on the specific medical problem.

Shiatsu is very unique in its holistic approach in that it looks beyond the muscular skeletal system, accessing organ health, circulatory and lymphatic systems, environmental and psychological influences on the individual to find the root of the deficiencies. A shiatsu practitioner can improve the Ki (chi, life-force, energy) flowing through the meridians to improve our general health and well being.

Zen Shiatsu Therapy is extremely effective at dealing with back, neck and joint pain, arthritis, sports injuries, RSI, asthma, cold and flu, depression, digestive and metabolism issues, headaches and migraines, insomnia & sleep issues, menstrual difficulties, sciatica and stress.

You don’t need to wait for a problem to arise though. Regular Shiatsu treatments can enhance overall physical vitality and emotional well being due to the deeply relaxing nature of the treatments which helps to reduce and prevent the build up of stress.

The therapist applies pressure with their thumbs, palms, and fingers to the corresponding points or meridians in the body in order to stimulate energy flow with the application of the use of bodyweight rather than strength.

Treatments may also include the use of flowing stretches and gentle rotations of the limbs and joints, simple structural alignments and muscle release techniques.

The person receiving shiatsu remains clothed and treatment usually takes place on a futon on the floor. It is suitable for all ages and is also safe during pregnancy.

The effectiveness of shiatsu in maintaining balance may be supported with personalised recommendations regarding diet, corrective yoga and exercise as part of an overall treatment regime.