Naturopathy is a modality of Complementary Medicine that combines nutritional and herbal medicine. Naturopaths work on achieving a whole body approach to wellness, by considering a person as a whole as opposed to just treating the “condition” they may have.

Herbal medicine was our first form of healing in the world, and many pharmaceutical drugs are initially inspired by a natural plant based constituent – for example aspirin comes from a compound call salicylic acid found in the White Willow tree Salix alba.

Naturopathy gives you the ability to work with a practitioner from the root of your problem, through use of functional testing, standard pathology, and thorough health history mapping and investigation.

Naturopathy may assist with the following conditions: – Female hormone issues – Foundations of Nutrition – Male hormone issues – Hair loss – Resilience to stress – Immunity and autoimmunity – Energy levels – Digestion – Skin conditions – Fertility and preconception care – Children’s health – Thyroid conditions – Recurrent infections – Fatigue – Headaches and migraines – Joint pain and inflammation – Sleep issues and insomnia – Preparation for and recovery from chemotherapy – Mental health issues including anxiety and depression

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